Emotion detection in gaming makes it possible to detect stressful sequences or pain points. For example, in aiming situations on First Person Shooters or FPS, players can now use aim training applications like “KovaaK” with an accuracy tester. Those applications are associable with the OVOMIND technology and its emotional HUD/Overlay that monitors and isolates specific types of actions or sequences that provide the most intense stress.

Emotion and Performance: Users can then choose appropriate training, including for these stressful actions or sequences, to improve their overall gaming performance. To recap: Identify intense moments, Emotional footprints, and improving the player’s skills by focusing on pain points. Everything is now possible using OVOMIND cloud services. In addition, each player will have the ability to manage his or her personal profile on our cloud gaming platform. A subscription is necessary and everything will be immediately sent to the user.

From the controller to the mind, everything is available in real time on the screen with the emotional Overlay/HUD. Building the ultimate gaming platform around an advanced technology is a long and very exciting journey. Some of the OVOMIND cloud platform features are still in working progress. Additionally, we will open a Beta test period before the launch. Join our waitlist and get updates as soon as possible.