OVOMIND team is happy to share our last interview in video.

A real pleasure for us to meet and discuss with the Barclays Gaming & eSport team.

The future of the gaming industry looks really promising and emotional.

The entire interview video is now available at this link. The emotional moments and video clips are one of the main important feature for eSport players and even casual streamers. The emotional clips allow the players to watch again some parts of the game tagged by one emotion.

OVOMIND could change how we interact with games forever.

Technology that combines state of the art AI with our emotions are in the works to launch gaming and eSports to levels never seen before.

We spoke to the creators behind the tech, Yann Frachi and Julien M to discover more about this futuristic wearable tech and platforms that are striving to change the relationship we have with gaming.

Emotional game link is a powerful tool for game design, streaming and eSport. The waitlist is growing faster, than you all for your support. Some wonderful news are coming soon. Feel free to contact the team using our contact form. Subscribe to our wait list to be up to date on the OVOMIND news.