Emotion is the most important aspect when it comes to one experience. The way a player emotionally reacts to a situation, it narrates the most objective truth. More honesty, playing and sharing is the first step to a real revolution.

An audience will support you when stressful situations occur, and viewers will feel a deeper connection with their streamers, for example, on the streaming platform “Twitch“.

Today, games are the most advanced Human-Computer-Interaction, enabling an unprecedented level of immersion. Emotions are the game-changer of the industry. Like motion control and the Wii redefined the way to play in 2006.

Share your emotions for eSport events and streaming with an Emotional Overlay:

We make it possible to share your inner feelings with the audience and friends while being more connected with your community! Stream like never before using a real-time processing. Emotional overlay is the first step toward the next level in gaming interactions. Also, OVOMIND cloud services pricing will be available in 2022. These services will include the possibility to become the first players to experience Emotional games. OVOMIND brings a new way to share and add more depth in the game’s streams. The waitlist is growing, thank you all for your interest and support!