OVOMIND is proud to announce to become an official Ukie member.

More about Ukie:

They are the trade body for the UK’s fast-moving, innovative and creative games and interactive entertainment sector.

Their mission is to make the UK the best place to make, sell and play games on behalf of over 2,000 games businesses to support 50,000 jobs.

From studios, startups and publishers to esports teams, students and services. A Ukie membership benefits everyone.

UKIE x OVOMIND: Indeed, OVOMIND will propose a Software development kit (SDK) in the upcoming months.

Becoming a Ukie member will help us to discuss directly with key UK based gaming actors from game studios, publishers, influencers and streamers. Especially because we are currently preparing the deployment of our dedicated emotional gaming platform and SDK. Also the UK represents the largest gaming market in Europe and the emotional classification will become a gaming standard in the upcoming years thanks to several key partnerships.

More details will be available on the website soon. Please join our waitlist on the landing page for more information.