OVOMIND is proud to announce its official selection by Fongit.

More about the incubator:

Fongit is Switzerland’s premier innovation incubator. They specialize in tech innovation in Geneva. The incubator has coached 100+ startups in our 30 years, maximizing their success rate.

Their focus is innovative technology;

Their number one goal: thriving entrepreneurs.

Fongit currently supports over 100 ICT, Engineering, and Life Sciences startups and projects.

The incubation incudes the following topics:

Targeted coaching, legal support, administration, workshops, pitch training and fund raising.

FONGIT x OVOMIND: Indeed, OVOMIND with its Cloud based and Affective computing technology needs technology experts and mentors entrepreneurship’s expertise. Furthermore, OVOMIND presence covers now two continents: Asia and Europe with a new operational site located in Geneva.

Of Course, OVOMIND has started to discuss key gaming actors from game studios, publishers, influencers and streamers about the deployment of our dedicated emotional gaming platform and SDK. More importantly, and thanks to our new presence in Europe, the emotional classification will be spread to start the revolution in the UK, France and Germany and others European countries in the first place.

More details will be available on the website soon. Please join our waitlist on the landing page for more information.