emotion vr new world, In 2021, OVOMIND founders were selected for the national program, CONCEPTION X, in cohort IV.

This unique program transforms PhD researchers into venture scientists and empowers them to tackle big industry challenges and launch startups.

Moreover, through Conception X, PhDs are given the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship as a career choice alongside their degree.

In addition, the program provides enterprise training is helpful specifically for scientists and engineers and helps them launch deep tech startups based on their research.

Furthermore, with the university acting as the incubator, Conception X enables PhD candidates to receive resources and support that fit the intensive research timelines of their degree.

Conception X is open to PhDs from all universities and is student-founder friendly, making it their mission to help the brightest minds in the world become venture scientists.

With a focus on empowering PhDs to explore venture as a career choice, Conception X is unique in its approach.

The world is changing and scientific research is merging with commercial technology.

Conception X helps PhDs address the challenges of the future and provides them with the key enterprise skills to insure success in our changing economies and societies.

Additionally, the selection for CONCEPTION X is a significant achievement for OVOMIND founders. Indeed it will provide us with the necessary training and resources to launch their cloud gaming platform and tackle industry challenges.

emotion vr new world

With this program, OVOMIND develops innovative solutions for the gaming industry and contributes to shaping our future economies and societies.

OVOMIND solution is a  gaming platform, that is constantly expanding to include new dimensions of gaming experiences.

With our advanced technology and cutting-edge features, we strive to provide gamers with the most immersive and engaging gameplay possible.

One of the latest dimensions we’re exploring is Dimension Gaming, which allows players to experience games in a whole new way.

Using advanced hardware and software, we’re able to create immersive gaming environments that transcend traditional screens and monitors.

With Dimension Gaming, players can enter fully realized virtual worlds where they can interact with characters, objects, and environments in ways they never thought possible.

Our partnership with Tobii, a leading eye-tracking technology company, has allowed us to take Dimension Gaming to the next level.

By integrating Tobii’s eye-tracking technology into our platform, we’re able to create even more immersive and interactive experiences. With eye-tracking, players can navigate game worlds simply by moving their eyes, making gameplay more intuitive and immersive than ever before.

In addition to Dimension Gaming, we’re also exploring other dimensions of gaming, such as social gaming and mobile gaming.

Our goal is to create a platform that caters to every type of gamer, no matter their preferences or playstyle.

By constantly expanding and innovating, OVOMIND is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming.

With our advanced technology and commitment to providing the best possible gaming experiences, we’re confident that we can continue to redefine the gaming industry and create a platform that gamers everywhere will love.

For instance, OVOMIND won a “Rocket Award” and got a very interesting article on Medium describing the potential of the technology.