Social And Emotional Benefits Of Video Games


“Playing emotion-based games in moderation has been proven as an excellent strategy for improving mental health.”


For many years, most people believed that video games were like candy: primarily damaging and appealing to children but acceptable in moderation. Now we know that emotional gaming can be more “nourishing” than we ever thought.

Video games can help activate your mind while enhancing your mental health. Emotional gaming, or playing emotional games, also provides a sense of calmness and reduces stress. They quickly regulate our moods, which is particularly essential for children and young adults to maintain overall emotional health.


  • Mental stimulation

Video games usually make you think. When you opt for emotional gaming, almost every part of your brain works hard to help you feel more clearly. Depending on the game’s depth, you may have to think, strategize, and analyze your emotional sensing instantly. Playing emotion-based video games also engages deeper parts of the brain, boosting growth and critical thinking abilities.


  • Emotional toughness

Emotional gaming helps you develop emotional resilience because losing in a game or other scenarios can be upsetting. Emotional games teach people how to deal with failure and keep trying. This is a vital tool for youngsters to learn and apply as they age.

Pro Tip: In order to enhance your emotional resilience, Ovomind is developing a game technology allowing real-time interaction with the data. Ovomind spot the player’s emotion through its smart bracelet which send the emotional state of the player in real time. For example, the game detects that you are stressed, and it can reduce the game’s difficulty, or levels accordingly.


  • Lowers Social Anxiety

Multiplayer and online games are beneficial for social interactions and reduce social anxiety. You’ll have to learn who to trust and who to leave behind in fast-paced game scenarios. Multiplayer games promote teamwork. Multiplayer emotional gaming is also a low-risk setting where you can practice talking and building relationships with strangers.


  • Feeling of accomplishment

Trying to attain more achievements gives you something to strive for.

You have goals and objectives to accomplish in the game. When you fulfill them, you will experience a great sense of accomplishment, improving your overall well-being. The feeling of accomplishment is enhanced when you play emotion-based games that provide an overwhelming feeling of achievement for your emotional well-being.





“Even though it’s a relatively new field of learning, increasing evidence shows how emotional gaming can help people deal with many of their stressors.”

Despite popular belief, emotional gaming enhances your morale and has a lasting effect. Whether you want to interact with your friends or alleviate stress, gaming is a great choice.


Emotion-based gaming with Ovomind

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