OVOMIND founders enter this unique PhDs program and cohort IV after a national selection in 2021.


Conception X is a leading programme which transforms PhD researchers into venture scientists.

The world is changing. Scientific research and commercial technology merge. We help PhD researchers tackle big industry challenges and launch startups. Venture scientists are researchers specifically trained in enterprise skills that address our future economies and societies.

Furthermore, Conception X is a venture programme that helps PhDs launch deep tech startups based on their research and receive enterprise training designed for scientists and engineers. In our model, the university is the incubator. Also, Conception X enables PhD candidates to explore entrepreneurship as a career choice alongside their degree. Our process and resources have been designed to fit intensive research timelines of PhD students. Conception X is open to PhDs from all universities after launching in University College London. We are student founder-friendly, and make it our mission to help some of the brightest people in the world become venture scientists.

Also, what makes Conception X unique

Empowering PhDs to explore venture as an exciting career choice during their degree.

For instance, OVOMIND won a “Rocket Award” and got a very interesting article on Medium describing the potential of the technology.