Emotion sensing wearables are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. They allow people to track their emotional state over time, and use that data to improve their gaming experiences.

What Is Emotion Sensing Technology?

It uses sensors to detect changes in Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and brain activity associated with emotions. This allows us to monitor user’s moods, emotional responses and propose the tools and software to add this information to game streams in real-time. But also we are preparing development kits (SDK) for developers in order for them to create emotional interactive games.

Additionally, we are preparing our Beta in partnership with key actors of the gaming industry.

Nevertheless, the Beta will propose to game developers and streamers to simply add a new dimension to their world and start this revolution now.

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Therefore emotion monitoring devices are becoming more and more common as a way to improve gaming experiences. The method makes use of sensors to identify changes in the autonomic nervous system and emotional-related alterations in brain activity. For game creators to create emotionally engaging interactive games, we will offer development kits. Our Beta will provide a new dimension to game production and streaming in association with partners in the gaming industry. For the finest projects, we are presently taking submissions.

Emotion sensing

For instance, technology that detects emotions has the potential to completely change how we play video games. Wearables like heart rate monitors, EEG headsets, and facial expression trackers enable users to continuously monitor their mood and emotional reactions by detecting changes in the Autonomic Nervous System and brain activity related to emotions.

Specifically, users may utilize this knowledge to enhance their gaming experiences by better understanding how they feel. A user can take action to control their emotions and maintain attention, for instance, if they become upset during particular game segments.

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