Play with Emotions with Konami. Fantastic gaming news! Ovomind is joining the Konami accelerator 2023 and passing the first round of the Konami Accelerator 2023 in Tokyo. Ovomind’s cutting-edge technology mixes biosignals tracking bracelets and gaming wristbands to create a passionate gaming experience.

Play with Emotions with Konami

Play with Emotions with Konami

Consider a gaming technology that detects your emotions, and your actions within the game can change depending on your emotional state. This is what Ovomind’s interactive gaming technology promises. Gamers may now enjoy a new level of gameplay that detects emotions and offers emotional feedback.

Additionally, the heart rate and micro sweating tracking wristband is a fundamental component of Ovomind’s technology. This wearable tracks the player’s heart rate and critical parameters, which might fluctuate depending on the emotions experienced while gaming. Using this information, the gaming device may change the game’s difficulty level or plot to match the player’s emotional state.

The gaming revolution from Ovomind is not only ideal for gamers but it can also be used for quantified self-monitoring. The heart rate monitoring bracelet can measure the player’s heart rate, skin temperature and micro sweating throughout any game experience, making it a perfect playing partner.

Gaming is no longer only about winning or losing using Ovomind’s technology. It all comes down to emotional expression, intellect, and feedback. Ovomind’s interactive gaming technology offers a thrilling new way to play whether you’re a casual player or an esports professional.

Road to a new experience

Thus, if you’re seeking a creative gaming solution that delivers an emotional experience, Ovomind is the way to go. Ovomind is revolutionising gaming with emotion detection, technologies. Prepare yourself for an engaging emotional gaming experience unlike any other!

For instance, this selection brings the possibility to provide Beta development kits to game teams in the prestigious Japanese studio. Ovomind will also improve the SDK with this valuable interaction.

Play with Emotions with Konami. We are really excited to move to get closer to the official launch. If you want to be a part of this revolution Join our waitlist now.