Emotional game link of gaming, we are happy to provide our most recent interview with the Barclays Gaming & eSport team on OVOMIND.

We really enjoyed the conversation since it gave us the chance to talk about the game industry’s emotive and optimistic future.

For instance, we think that the ability to replay certain video clips that represent a specific feeling or emotion is one of the key aspects for eSport players and casual viewers.

We invite everyone to watch the whole interview video on the Barclays website.

This interview gives more information about OVOMIND’s efforts to permanently alter how we engage with video games.

The technology we are creating will take gaming and eSports to previously unheard-of heights.

Indeed, it fuses cutting-edge AI with human emotions. Something similar of technology vr mass market adoption.

Our founders, Yann Frachi and Julien Masse discussed cutting-edge wearable technology and platforms.

OVOMIND aims to transform our connection with gaming with the Barclays Gaming & esports team.

In addition, a potent tool for game design, broadcasting, and eSport is emotional game connection.

We firmly think that it will change the gaming sector and give both players and developers a more immersive and captivating experience.

Emotional game link of gaming

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Finally, we are confident that our technology will permanently alter how we play video games.

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