Emotional moments in gaming, according to OVOMIND, every gaming experience ought to be able to capture the individual emotional spectrum of the player.

Since a joystick or keyboard is now the sole means of communicating feelings to the game. This restricts the range of possible actions.

By offering many unique methods to engage with the game that corresponds to the countless conceivable emotions that players is experiencing, OVOMIND hopes to improve gaming.

Ovomind technology captures emotional gaming moments and saves them so they may be seen again at a later time.

For instance, the platform will record the audio-visual stream from Twitch and the player’s intense emotions, such as delight or fear.

OVOMIND seeks to improve how we view gaming by recording poignant moments as we play.

Games are designed to elicit feelings and provide enduring experiences.

Players may develop a stronger bond with the game and relive their gameplay experiences by going back to these specific points.

The gaming industry’s frontiers are moving with the OVOMIND platform.

OVOMIND aims to transform how we engage with games by fusing emotions with cutting-edge AI.

Morever, players will be able to express their feelings in a way that is unheard of in the gaming industry thanks to OVOMIND’s technology, making for a more unique and engaging gaming experience.

Emotional gaming more powerful than VR

Emotional gaming now! The potential of VR new content in conjunction with our technology for emotional gaming excites OVOMIND.

Players will feel fully in the game and more than if they simply use a VR headset.

In order to offer a more emotional and immersive gaming experience.

Our emotional gaming platform and VR technologies might change the gaming market by enabling players to completely connect with games in previously impractical ways.

We are eager to discover this fascinating new territory and introduce it to our users in the future.