Each gaming experience brings with it a unique emotional panel. Each player has his or her own past experiences and reaction to events. The only way to express emotions to the game is a controller or a keyboard. The possibility of actions is limited: Almost every player has the same control patterns using buttons or triggers. On the other hand, each player has his or her own way to feel: Billions of possibilities (Emotions) against hundreds of control patterns are possible. This is what OVOMIND wants to change. OVOMIND wants to break this limitation and propose billions of new ways to interact with the game.

For instance, from frustration to real contemplation.  When we feel one strong emotion, our brain records.

Emotions are our memory printer and make experience memorable. Intense moments can now be recorded by our platform. The video sequences selection and recording rely on your true feelings.

For example, if when you feel a strong emotion of joy, the platform records the audio-visual stream on a library, including emotes related to the emotion felt.  Those moments will be available later and we provide the possibility to share it on socials networks.

Emotional Moments: The OVOMIND gaming platform will deeply change the relationship we have with gaming.

We play games to feel emotions and live memorable experiences. You will be able to watch intense moments again and go back in time in your memory.